[AG-USERS] Geowall Users in AG Land

Allan Spale aspale at evl.uic.edu
Mon Dec 6 17:08:37 CST 2004


Thanks for your interest in Geowall.

Here at EVL, there is no formal interconnection of the hardware of the
Geowall with the AG.  Any integration of the Geowall with the Access Grid
at this time is strictly via software.  The only Geowall application
created at EVL which can be integrated with the Access Grid is
ImmersaView.  Purdue University has also created a Geowall app that works
with the Access Grid which I will describe later.

For SC Global 2004, I created an application that integrated ImmersaView
into the Access Grid 
The integration of ImmersaView into the Access Grid occurs with making a
shared application that takes care of setting up a collaborative session
within the context of the Access Grid.  It should be noted that
ImmersaView provides its own collaboration capabilities.  This Access Grid
shared application is named ImmersaView Launcher ("launcher").

ImmersaView Launcher allows all sites running the shared application to
simultaneously start viewing a model that everyone previously agreed to
running (either verbally using the video/audio channels of the Access Grid
or via some instant messaging client).  The launcher has the benefit of
allowing ImmersaView to run on any computer without modification as long
as that computer is running a lightweight Python XML-RPC server (in
addition to some other supporting files).  This XML-RPC server process
requests from the Access Grid venue client that will start batch scripts
to configure ImmersaView to begin displaying the appropriate 3-D model
files.  If you want to learn more about ImmersaView Launcher, please
visit: http://www.evl.uic.edu/cavern/rg/20031022_spale/. 

A related project that was also demonstrated at SC Global that utilized a
passive stereo display like the Geowall was the integration of VRJuggler
(http://www.vrjuggler.org) into the Access Grid as a shared application. 
Here are some links involving the project: 

Virtual Environments over the Access Grid

SC Global 2004 Session:  Stereographics and Virtual Reality over the
Access Grid

Download AGJuggler (AG Shared Application for VRJuggler):

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any additional questions.

Allan Spale
Research Assistant

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004, Jim Avery wrote:

> Folks,
> I am interested in knowing if there are any Geowall users that are current 
> Access Grid users.
> The Engineering School at Cornell is interested in comments on the 
> performance of Geowall and how it is implemented in Access Grid technologies.
> Your response is appreciated.
> Jim Avery
> Jim Avery
> Cornell Information Technologies
> Classroom Technologies\Distributed Learning Services
> Video Distribution and Classroom Technologies Consultant
> 220Q CCC Building
> Ithaca, New York  14850
> (607) 254-4736
> http://dls.cit.cornell.edu/people/people_profile.cfm?ID=10 

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