[AG-USERS] Running a local AG session

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Fri Dec 3 10:46:37 CST 2004

Yes, you can use vic and rat point-to-point.

But actually if you want to do a more complete AG demo (shared apps etc) 
you might want to consider running a venue server on your local network, 
so you can show more than just the media tools.

- Jennifer

Mr C J Hughes wrote:
> Hi all,
> I hope that someone may be able to help me. I am looking to set up a
> demonstration of an access grid meeting in a local network, but without
> connecting to the grid.
> Is it possible to use vic and rat between two computers?
> Many Thanks,
> Chris
> __
> Chris Hughes BSc
> School of Informatics, University of Wales, Bangor,
> Dean Street, Bangor, Gwynedd. LL57 1UT. UK.
> chughes at informatics.bangor.ac.uk  www.hpv.informatics.bangor.ac.uk
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