[AG-USERS] Internet2 Providing SC Global 2003 Observer Solution

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Wed Oct 29 16:41:38 CST 2003

In addition to the Access Grid Constellation and Satellite Sites, SC
Global 2003 will be made available to Observer sites around the world
through a VBrick stream by Internet2. This view on SC Global will be
comprised of a single video stream from the Phoenix Civic Plaza,
providing a similar view of the conference to that available to
participants in the program room in Phoenix. The video stream can be
played on any PC with a built-in DVD player.

Observer Sites will also be able to participate interactively by using
the Question Tool. Questions and comments can be submitted during each
session at:

	(URLs for backup Question Tool servers may be found on the SC
	Global Tech Guide:

Observers may also wish to be on the MUD for more interactivity, e.g. if
there is a need to go to a backup Question Tool server, this will be
posted on the MUD. Instructions for accessing the MUD are also available
on the SC Global Tech Guide.

To watch the single stream from the Phoenix Venue, download mpeg2
Streamplayer here:


Once you've installed either the VBrick Streamplayer Plus or the VBrick
FreePlayer (requires a PC with a built in DVD player), during the event
you will simply launch the player and tune into the "SC Global" program

Multicast must be available at your location. For multicast detection
tools please see the Internet2 Detective or the Multicast Tester at:


Additional information on troubleshooting multicast is available in the
AG Training Project web-based tutorial, "Introduction to Troubleshooting
Multicast Networks," part of the suite of tutorials available at:

       (free registration required)

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