[AG-TECH] Rename to: AG Patch

Tim Salmon tim at unsw.edu.au
Tue May 29 15:47:03 CDT 2012

Hi all,
sorry for the lack of activity, have been knocked around by an opportunistic lung infection (i'm badly asthmatic cough hack cough) the past week. I'm in early to have a look at the script with the following aims.

1. generalise a bit to include windows and make it easier to include others (OS X, non RHEL-based *nixes)
2. generalise to include other network address changes such as those written in IP not DNS.


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G'day all

Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to look at Salim's code and whether they could offer any feedback?

Also - if anyone could test on the various operating environments, it would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

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The script for renaming urls and disabling venueclient's submit report bug is currently located at


I will move it later this week to the sourceforge AccessGrid location.  
  Sorry if the script is a bit rough I'm a novice at python but feel free to suggest improvements :)

The script was developed and tested on a Fedora box and a Scientific linux box as root, since root is the owner of the site-packages directory in python. I need to make a modification later today to allow the user to execute the python app to rename the urls in their  
~/.AccessGrid3/Config alone (probably takes about 5 minutes).    
Windows and Mac still needs to be tested.

At this time, disabling multicast by default for Windows 7 users is still outstanding.  If anyone knows how to do that feel free to email me.


Quoting Christoph Willing <c.willing at uq.edu.au>:

> The machine which will become vv3.accessgrid.org has now been 
> populated with all the venues & layout from vv3.mcs.anl.gov (which 
> will close down on 1st June).
> Could anyone who has a few minutes to spare please try out the new 
> server and report back any problems. Feel free to give it a good 
> workout. It would be great to have any issues with it sorted out by 
> the time its supposed to be on line for real - 1st June is just about 
> a week away.
> Until the DNS is arranged, access to the venue server is via:
> chris
> Christoph Willing              +61 7 3365 8316
> Research Computing Centre
> University of Queensland

Salim Haniff  (salim.haniff at uta.fi)
School of Information Sciences
33014 University of Tampere, Finland

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