[AG-TECH] Meeting notes - AG Continuation of Services Meeting

Brian Corrie bcorrie at sfu.ca
Fri May 11 10:51:59 CDT 2012

Hi All,

> ·New Access Grid packages

[Stuff Deleted]

> oANL (Most Tom) cannot guarantee to provide the effort required to
> produce new packages;

[Stuff Deleted]

> §Mac system setup to produce packages is simpler than system to produce
> windows AGTK packages;
> §ANL will assist in providing documentation on how to configure a system
> to build new Windows and Mac AGTK Packages

[Stuff Deleted]

> §No interest was given to provide Mac/s packaging support

[Stuff Deleted]

> §ANL is not sure about Mac environment, but will have to check if
> environment still exists.
> ·If you build on Leopard and explicitly set python to 2.5, it should
> work on all new MAC OSX (latest 3 releases) platforms

Although I can't guarantee anything AND I definitely can't promise to 
continue to support this I may be able to dedicate some resources to 
looking into getting a Mac package together and maybe working with Tom 
to document how to do this moving forward (so it is easier for whoever 
takes it on long term).

Before looking for a resource to do this, it would be good to understand 
if AG on Mac is desired. We use it here, but are migrating away from 
using AG so it isn't critical for us. Thus I don't need Mac on AG but I 
might be able to find someone to contribute to the effort if it "isn't 
too much work"... 8-)


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