[AG-TECH] Continuation of AG Services International Meeting

vgoya at uvigo.es vgoya at uvigo.es
Fri May 4 03:29:39 CDT 2012

Estimado/Dear Jason,

Thank you Jason, for all the job done trying to organize our community

I would like to attend the meeting but I should do it from home. Any
more details about Skype or EVO access to the meeting ?

Thank you in advance.


University of Vigo

JB> Due to the UK having a public holiday on Monday, and myself no
JB> longer being available.  The meeting has been rescheduled (new dates and times listed below).
JB> Please note, the Virtual Venue has also been changed to a bridged
JB> Venue.  Therefore, those who will be connecting from home
JB> (especially those in Europe), can now use lower bandwidth
JB> alternatives.   Therefore, in an effort to support as many
JB> connection options, users are able to join the session using EVO,
JB> Skype Audio or a H.323 device.  Though, Access Grid connectivity
JB> is preferred.  Please contact me if you intend on using the bridging service.
JB> In an effort to reduce bandwidth, especially for those connecting
JB> from home, could participants reduce the number of video
JB> transmitting streams and if at all possible, use standard
JB> definition streams rather than HD streams.
JB> Many Regards,
JB> Jason.
JB> From: Jason Bell 

JB> Colleagues
JB> As part of the "Continuation of AG Services", we are planning an
JB> International Access Grid Meeting to discuss the various topics
JB> further and hopefully come to agreement on some of the various services.
JB> An agenda is currently being drafted and will be provided
JB> shortly.  The details for the meeting are as follows:
JB> When:
JB>             Australia (QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS)         08:30:00 Wednesday May 8
JB>             Australia (SA)                                        08:00:00 Wednesday May 8
JB>             Australia (WA)                                        06:30:00 Wednesday May 8
JB>             Canada/Pacific                                        15:30:00 Tuesday May 7
JB>             Europe/Helsinki                                       01:30:00 Wednesday May 8
JB>             Europe/London                                         23:30:00 Tuesday May 7
JB>             Europe/Madrid                                         00:30:00 Wednesday May 8
JB>             Europe/Paris                                          00:30:00 Wednesday May 8
JB>             New Zealand                                           10:30:00 Wednesday May 8
JB>             US (Chicago)                                          17:30:00 Tuesday May 7
JB>             US/Central                                            17:30:00 Tuesday May 7
JB>             US/Eastern                                            18:30:00 Tuesday May 7
JB>             US/Pacific                                            15:30:00 Tuesday May 7
JB> AG Venue:      EVO-Test
JB>                         APAG Lobby
JB> (https://vv3.ap-accessgrid.org:8000/Venues/default) -> AG-EVO at AU Bridge Lobby -> EMU
JB>                         Direct Link ->
JB> Apologies to those in Europe for poor timing.  If you are unable
JB> to attend, but would like to contribute to the discussion, please
JB> do not hesitate to reply to the previous " Continuation of AG services".
JB> Many regards,
JB> Jason.
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JB> Jason Bell, B.I.T. (Honours)
JB> Video Collaboration Champion
JB> Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation
JB> http://www.qcif.edu.au/ 
JB> ARCS eResearch Collaborative Services
JB> http://www.arcs.org.au/  
JB> Senior Research Technologies Officer
JB> Information Technology Directorate 
JB> CQ University Australia
JB> http://www.cqu.edu.au/ 
JB> E-mail :                 j.bell at cqu.edu.au
JB>                                 j.bell at qcif.edu.au
JB>                                 jason.bell at arcs.org.au
JB> Work   :                 +61 7 4930 9229
JB> Mobile :               0409 630897
JB> Postal :                 Building 19, Room 1.55
JB>                                 Central Queensland University
JB>                                 Bruce Highway
JB>                                 Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia, 4702
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JB> Patience is a virtue.
JB> But if I wanted Patience,
JB> I would have become a Doctor.
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Un Cordial Saludo / Best Regards

Vicente Goyanes de Miguel
Coordinador Asistencia Técnica Multimedia
Tel: +34 986 811937 / Skype: vicente.goyanes
Pza Miralles s/n
Universidad de Vigo
36310 Vigo
mailto:vgoya at uvigo.es

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