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Philippe d'Anfray Philippe.d-Anfray at cea.fr
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We have also in France a (small) community of Ag users with a focal
point within
the "Aristote" association which offers a venue server (with its own
jabber server
because of various Python issues... ), a bridge and all kind of  support
to the users.

We might be able (and are willing) to offer some ressource for the whole AG



p.s. oouuppss I'll move to ag-dev too

Le 11/03/2012 10:45, vgoya at uvigo.es a écrit :
> First of all, I would like to add my thanks to the Argone crew and
> others who have been developing and supporting AccesGrid community and
> software. A big thanks to all of them from Spain.
> Going now to Jason's point, I must say that within Spain there is also
> a healthy community of AG users, some of them already asked me about
> the impact of this news on their production AG infraestructure.
> I welcome your effort, Jason, to coordinate the transition to a "community
> supported AG central infraestructure". Please, count on us for that.
> To go on with the details you mentioned AG-DEV. Thats ok for me, I
> just need to suscribe before :)
> Many thanks again to all the team who made this AG thing posible. As
> pure adopters it has been a pleasure to deploy such technology, our
> users love it.
> Best Regards
> Vicente.
> University of Vigo
> Spain
> JB> With the recent announcement "Shutdown of Argonne Access Grid
> JB> services", I would like to start some discussions on ways we can
> JB> "move forward" and ensure the Access Grid community and services
> JB> continue.  It is my opinion and hope, that with international AG
> JB> community engagement, we can work towards solutions to ensure
> JB> longevity and continual usage of the Access Grid.
> JB> Within Australia, the Access Grid is used extensively and we are
> JB> planning on continuing to support and use the Access Grid in years to come. 
> JB> In an effort to ensure that many of the transitioning AG services
> JB> are not duplicated on an international scale (preventing a
> JB> "everyone does their own thing"), I would like to invite
> JB> interested parties to join me in discussion on the AG services and
> JB> how we might be able to implement a "community fork"!  In my
> JB> humble opinion, if we do this correctly, "we", as an international
> JB> community, should be able to create an environment that assists in
> JB> improving "openness" and collaboration on the development and use of the Access Grid.
> JB> I will be moving this discussion to the AG-DEV mailing list (see
> JB> http://www.accessgrid.org/community for information on mailing
> JB> lists), in an effort to centralise discussion, in which I invite
> JB> anyone interested to participate.
> JB> Some of the feedback I think would be useful in knowing, includes: 
> JB> . What groups depends on the use of the Access Grid
> JB>         o What sort of usage are we talking about?
> JB> . I would like to see an international team (especially those
> JB> involved in local AG support), that assist with maintaining and
> JB> operating some of these services in the future.  Does this sound like the best way to operate?
> JB>         o Are there any other suggestions?
> JB>         o Any nominations?
> JB> . Which services/aspects of the AG are of importance:
> JB>         o Source code 
> JB>         o ANL Venue Server 
> JB>         o ANL Jabber Server
> JB>         o ANL Bridge Registry
> JB>         o AG-Dev Certificate Authority
> JB>         o The accessgrid.org web site (Documentation, Node
> JB> Listing, QA results, Software downloads) 
> JB>         o AG-related mailing lists
> JB> For the services listed above, do you have any suggestions or
> JB> recommendations for these services?  Whist we are talking a good
> JB> look at these services, is there anything else we should be
> JB> including? Are there any services we think are no longer required?
> JB> Many thanks for your time,
> JB> Jason.
> JB> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> JB> Jason Bell, B.I.T. (Honours)
> JB> Video Collaboration Champion
> JB> Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation
> JB> http://www.qcif.edu.au/ 
> JB> ARCS eResearch Collaborative Services
> JB> http://www.arcs.org.au/  
> JB> Senior Research Technologies Officer
> JB> Information Technology Directorate
> JB> CQ University Australia
> JB> http://www.cqu.edu.au/ 
> JB> E-mail :                 j.bell at cqu.edu.au
> JB>                                 j.bell at qcif.edu.au
> JB>                                 jason.bell at arcs.org.au
> JB> Work   :                 +61 7 4930 9229
> JB> Mobile :               0409 630897
> JB> Postal :                 Building 19, Room 1.55
> JB>                                 Central Queensland University
> JB>                                 Bruce Highway
> JB>                                 Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia, 4702
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> JB> Patience is a virtue.
> JB> But if I wanted Patience,
> JB> I would have become a Doctor.
> JB> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Un Cordial Saludo / Best Regards

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