[AG-TECH] Continual of AG services

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Thu Mar 8 17:42:04 CST 2012

Access Grid Colleagues

With the recent announcement "Shutdown of Argonne Access Grid services", I would like to start some discussions on ways we can "move forward" and ensure the Access Grid community and services continue.  It is my opinion and hope, that with international AG community engagement, we can work towards solutions to ensure longevity and continual usage of the Access Grid.

Within Australia, the Access Grid is used extensively and we are planning on continuing to support and use the Access Grid in years to come.  

In an effort to ensure that many of the transitioning AG services are not duplicated on an international scale (preventing a "everyone does their own thing"), I would like to invite interested parties to join me in discussion on the AG services and how we might be able to implement a "community fork"!  In my humble opinion, if we do this correctly, "we", as an international community, should be able to create an environment that assists in improving "openness" and collaboration on the development and use of the Access Grid.

I will be moving this discussion to the AG-DEV mailing list (see http://www.accessgrid.org/community for information on mailing lists), in an effort to centralise discussion, in which I invite anyone interested to participate.

Some of the feedback I think would be useful in knowing, includes: 

. What groups depends on the use of the Access Grid
	o What sort of usage are we talking about?

. I would like to see an international team (especially those involved in local AG support), that assist with maintaining and operating some of these services in the future.  Does this sound like the best way to operate?
	o Are there any other suggestions?
	o Any nominations?

. Which services/aspects of the AG are of importance:
	o Source code 
	o ANL Venue Server 
	o ANL Jabber Server
	o ANL Bridge Registry
	o AG-Dev Certificate Authority
	o The accessgrid.org web site (Documentation, Node Listing, QA results, Software downloads) 
	o AG-related mailing lists

For the services listed above, do you have any suggestions or recommendations for these services?  Whist we are talking a good look at these services, is there anything else we should be including? Are there any services we think are no longer required?

Many thanks for your time,

Jason Bell, B.I.T. (Honours)

Video Collaboration Champion
Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation

ARCS eResearch Collaborative Services

Senior Research Technologies Officer
Information Technology Directorate
CQ University Australia

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