[AG-TECH] Shutdown of Argonne Access Grid services

Julia Mullen julia.mullen at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 12:51:30 CST 2012

Here!  Here!

Hip, Hip, Hoorah!!

for years of commitment and excellent work and above all a truly wonderful
community that I feel fortunate to have been (and still be, if
peripherally) part of - I still have on my wall a picture of "Our Friends
in the Meadow" that Amado made 7+ years ago.


On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 1:24 PM, Brian Corrie <bcorrie at sfu.ca> wrote:

> Hi Tom, the Argonne AG Team (past and present), and the AG Community,
> The end of an era!
> I remember the first time I visited Argonne and there were all these odd
> characters chatting with each other using this thing called a MUD, always
> on line, always connected. Ahh, the meadow!
> The AG was a vision that embodied connecting the global research
> community, and is still actively used 15 or so years later... That is
> impressive! The AG community was always connected, always on line, way
> before that was cool... heck, even before it was possible any other way.
> Many thanks to the Argonne group and the rest of the AG Community. I
> consider many of you my colleagues and friends and I am sure my
> collaborations with many of you will continue on for many more years...
> Cheers,
> Brian
> On 3/1/2012 9:51 AM, Thomas Uram wrote:
>> Access Grid community:
>> The Access Grid was created nearly 14 years ago here at Argonne National
>> Laboratory, as an open source alternative to the proprietary
>> videoconferencing systems of the day. Our goal was to build the
>> videoconferencing equivalent of Linux: a foundation for collaboration to
>> which anyone could contribute, and from which everyone would benefit. We
>> believe that the Access Grid has achieved this goal by supporting countless
>> scientific and administrative conferences in academia and research.
>> The team at Argonne maintains several servers and services to support the
>> Access Grid, and can no longer continue these services. We are drafting a
>> transition plan to support the still active Access Grid community. The
>> current plan includes the following steps, which will be taken over the
>> next 3 months; services will continue until June 1, 2012, when they will
>> become unavailable.
>>        • Source code will be migrated to a public repository (e.g. Google
>> code, SourceForge)
>>        • The Argonne Venue Server and associated services (Jabber, Bridge
>> Registry) will be turned off
>>        • The AG-Dev Certificate Authority will stop issuing certificates
>>        • The accessgrid.org web site will be turned off
>>        • AG-related mailing lists will be migrated to a public forum
>> (e.g. Google Groups)
>> Thank you for all your support and involvement over the years,
>> The Access Grid developers
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