[AG-TECH] IDS FalconQuattro and Debian Squeeze 64bits

Miguel A. Sáez Llorente miguelangel.saez at usc.es
Mon Jun 27 09:11:29 CDT 2011


I'm upgrading the operating system on my AG computers, i installed a  
64bit Debian Squeeze on my video computer which has an "IDS  
FalconQuattro" but i can't get it to work properly with vlc or vic.
All i get is the same blue screen as you get when the source isn't  
plugged but it is, it works ok if i switch back to my old OS.

Was anyone able to get this capture card to work with any linux 32 or  
64 bits and a kernel 2.6.x?.

If so, some help on this will be really appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

Miguel A. Sáez Llorente
Soporte tareas multimedia - ATIC

Univ. Santiago de Compostela (USC)
Rúa de José María Suárez Núñez (Campus Sur) - Pavellón de Servicios
15705 Santiago de Compostela - SPAIN

E-mail: miguelangel.saez at usc.es
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