[AG-TECH] Announcing grav, a new AG/RTP video viewer for Linux

Andrew Ford andrew.ford at rit.edu
Mon Jun 13 14:27:19 CDT 2011

Hi all,

I'd like to announce the first official release for project I've been
working on for a while: grav, an OpenGL-based video client for AG
streams (or any compatible RTP video stream). grav was born out of our
need at RIT for a new way of displaying video in an unmanned
kiosk-type mode as well as new features for supporting
operator-controller videoconferences and telepresence applications.
Videos are displayed in a single canvas-style window, where videos can
be moved and rearranged freely, as opposed to the vic style of
separate windows.

grav supports the same major codecs as vic, including H.261, H.261AS,
mpeg4 and H.264. In addition, though it isn't a full audio client,
grav can listen in on an audio multicast session in order to highlight
the speaker. grav is also capable of communicating with the AG venue
client, including being able to pull stream addresses and display a
menu for changing venues. Currently grav is Linux-only and licensed
under the GPLv3.

For more info, as well as screenshots, check out http://grav.rc.rit.edu.

There are packages for Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04, as well as forthcoming
RPMs for Fedora, courtesy of Chris Willing and Doug Kosovic of UQ
respectively. Much thanks to them for their help and support.

If anyone has any questions or needs help with compiling or using
grav, feel free to email me and I'll be glad to assist.


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