[AG-TECH] New multicast beacon?

Curtis, Bruce Bruce.Curtis at ndsu.edu
Tue Jul 5 10:49:59 CDT 2011

On Jul 4, 2011, at 6:28 PM, Christoph Willing wrote:

> I see that the multicast beacon at beacon.dast.nlanr.net is no longer  
> running - its unclear whether the domain even exists anymore. Also,  
> there is a notice at:
>     http://beacon2.ncsa.uiuc.edu/
> saying that the beacon service would be discontinued at 30th May. That  
> actually still seems to be running but no subscribers.
> Is there a new global beacon service that we can all use?
> BTW, in Asia Pacific area, we have also been using "dbeacon" which  
> some people prefer - apparently a lighter load on the machine  
> generating the html output display (in this case, run at AARNet). For  
> those interested, see:
>     http://www.vislab.uq.edu.au/research/accessgrid/howto/dbeacon.html
> Multicast beacons generally are really useful diagnostic tools and  
> everyone should subscribe to them - the question is where? Is any site  
> able to run a service like the ncsa or dast.nlanr.net used to?
> Do people want to change over to dbeacon?
> chris
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  There has also been discussion at the Internet2 Multicast mailing list.


 And a couple of people have volunteered an alternative version 1.4 beacon and a dbeacon as at least interim beacons for the community to use.


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>> Date: June 9, 2011 12:48:23 PM CDT
>> To: Zenon Mousmoulas <zmousm at admin.grnet.gr>
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>> Subject: RE: NCSA Beacon page gone after 5/30/2011
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>> On Wed, 1 Jun 2011, Zenon Mousmoulas wrote:
>>> One thing I forgot: The NLANR/DAST beacon seems to up and running again today:
>>> http://beacon.dast.nlanr.net/
>> Until the community decides, anyone is free to aim their 1.4 version of 
>> the beacon at k2.nrc.ca.

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> From: Debbie Fligor <fligor at illinois.edu>
> Date: June 20, 2011 10:26:52 PM CDT
> To: Multicast Working Group <wg-multicast at internet2.edu>
> Cc: Debbie Fligor <fligor at illinois.edu>
> Subject: Re: NCSA Beacon page gone after 5/30/2011
> A little bird told me we might be seeing someone pickup the mbeacon server, and perhaps someone else offer up a central web site to track dbeacon users of a global group.  But those are both down the road.  For the moment, anyone is welcome to use for a global dbeacon group.  Please limit yourself to 1 host per site, my end of this is a little, old, Mac mini, but you should be able to look here:
> http://bbmon2-1.gw.uiuc.edu/matrix-global/
> and see if you're making it to my campus (or not).
> If someone else has a nicer group address to offer, I'm happy to change.  I can't offer IPv6 multicast or SSM, since we don't have those here, but there is nothing stopping people from running those features as well and making it even more useful.
> Sorry it took me so long to get back to this thread, a few other things (like IPv6 day work) trumped me  having time to work on this.  But I did get one host up and the web page working. 
> -debbie

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