[AG-TECH] Black Magic card

Douglas Kosovic doug at uq.edu.au
Tue Nov 9 03:52:33 CST 2010

Hi Tyler,

> I am trying to get the Black Magic Intesity Pro card to work with AG 3.2 on
> Windows 7 in analog mode. Does anyone have experience with this? I have it
> connected to a SD switcher via S-Video cable. All I get is a black screen.

In order to be able to select S-Video as input and NTSC as the signal with VIC (or for that matter, any input or signal), you'll need to install the Blackmagic 7.8 or later drivers.

Be sure to select the device which starts with "Blackmagic-" (i.e. native Blackmagic DecLink API) and not the other one which doesn't (i.e. VIC's DirectShow grabber).

In the next version of VIC, I'll try and put some code in to ignore the Blackmagic cards in VIC's DirectShow grabber, so only the native BlackMagic grabber is listed.

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