[AG-TECH] computer video capture and streaming

Fred Dech fdech at uchicago.edu
Tue Jun 15 13:22:35 CDT 2010


if anyone has succeeded in sending component RGBHV input
from a high-resolution video capture card to a VideoProducerService
directly and stream it at its native resolution as h.261.as, i would
be *very* interested to know with what capture card and on what
operating system you've succeeded in doing this.
i attempted to do this a couple years ago with an NCAST DCC 3.1
card on a WinXP machine.  there, the VideoProducerService only
registers the card's svideo and composite video inputs. streaming
had to be achieved by displaying the captured signal and VPCScreen
capturing the display (not ideal).

i'm also very interested in other approaches anyone is using to send a
speaker's laptop presentation to an AG venue.



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