[AG-TECH] Is possible modify AudioService to Select an audio device?

Jesus Cea Oliva jesus.cea at uca.es
Tue Jun 1 11:01:04 CDT 2010

Hi, list. Today, I found a interesting "need". We have installed a Access Grid client on a normal machine where the audio is a external multifunctional microphone (concretly, a Yamaha PJP-25EUR: http://www.gizmos.es/1828/audio-portatil/yamaha-pjp-25ur-microfono-multidireccional/ [ http://www.gizmos.es/1828/audio-portatil/yamaha-pjp-25ur-microfono-multidireccional/ ]), this has a speaker and a set of microphones and, usualy, it is used for Meetings Venues, etc.

Audio on Access Grid, works fine, but, I have to modify RAT to select the audio device (in audio tab), because, by default, the audio device selected is the sound card. On audio tab, I can select the default audio device to use on RAT... so, I think that is interesting add an aditional option to AudioService to select the audio device prefered.

I already modify the AudioService code tu add a new option, adding to the end of __init__ function the next lines:

self.audioDevice = OptionSetParameter( "Audio device:", audioDefault, self.listAudio)

Where, self.listAudio is a list where I want to store the differents audio devices that has the system. And here is my doubt, how can I obtain the audio devices installed on my system, like RAT show me? I thought to modify RAT to permit storage the configuration, or see the code to see how RAT does it, but I think that RAT is a compiled program (C or C++), right? I saw the "aplay -L" and "aplay -l" commands, but I don't know if with this commands I can do something (I don't, for example, if RAT detect the audio names that this commands show me).

I know that I can modify the .RATdefault file to permanently save the configuration.  But I think that I'm going to see this in the future and I thought that is interesting save the config with AudioService like Gains, etc. I add this lines too on AudioService.py on WriteRatDefaults function:

ratDefaults["*audioDevice"] = str(self.audioDevice.value )

To save, the selected audio in AudioService window, to the .RATdefault file.

Sorry, as usual, for my bad English.

Thanks and Regards!
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