[AG-TECH] All client in same venue use same bridge?

Sangil Choi sichoi at netmedia.gist.ac.kr
Fri Jul 30 05:39:42 CDT 2010

Hi everyone,

I've problem about bridge.

I installed 'AGTk3.2 beta 1' on three nodes and includes that as one venue.

In that case, I found the problem about communicate each others.

If the nodes connect with same bridge, the node can find other node's information in RAT and vic.

In other case, nodes connect with different bridges to communicate each other, there are no RAT and vic information of other nodes.

If one node uses bridge and others use multicast, bridge connected node can find multicast node's information in RAT and vic.

Could you tell me about reason about this?

This problem occurs from our mistake?


Sangil Choi.

p.s : Used bridge is not ours and other bridge works as same problem.

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