[AG-TECH] Pipe Digital Video to AccessGrid from Other Software?

Mark Coniglio mark at troikatronix.com
Thu Jan 14 10:22:59 CST 2010

>hi Mark
>imo - this is a hardware related issue - what you want to do
>is "simply" deliver the output of the Isadora app into the video card
>on your AccessGrid producer box

So Tom, you don't think there's any way to 
deliver this via "softer" connection, i.e., RTSP 
stream into AG?


>Mark Coniglio wrote:
>>Hello List,
>>This is my first post, and I must admit to 
>>knowing very little about AccessGrid at this 
>>early stage. But my most pressing question is 
>>this: is it possible to pipe digital video from 
>>one software into Access Grid?
>>One of your users is considering using my 
>>real-time video manipulation software Isadora® 
>>(see http://www.troikatronix.com/isadora.html) 
>>in coordination with AccessGrid. We would like 
>>to pass video from my software into Access Grid 
>>in a digital format, to prevent any loss of 
>>resolution, detail, etc.
>>If anyone can point me in the right direction 
>>on this, I would be very grateful.
>>Thanks in Advance,
>>Mark Coniglio

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