[AG-TECH] citations for grant proposal using AG

Brian Corrie bcorrie at sfu.ca
Thu Jan 7 11:19:48 CST 2010

Hi Gurcharan,

Here is a reference to a book chapter we recently published. It is more 
about how the collaboration infrastructure at our facility gets used as 
opposed to about AG directly, but we discuss AG as a tool for 
facilitating scientific collaboration...

Corrie, B., and Zimmerman, T. (2009) Build It: Will They Come? Media 
Spaces in the Support of Computational Science, in Media Space: 20+ 
Years of Mediated Life (ed. S. Harrison), Springer (SpringerLink)


Gurcharan S. Khanna wrote:
> hi,
> i'm looking for any citable publications or other links to the use of AG 
> in teaching
> and learning environments, classes or projects. we are submitting a 
> grant to NSF
> revolving around creating a consortium between universities based on an 
> infrastructure
> for teaching Geographic Information Systems and using the AG as the 
> basis for that.
> any references to evaluative work done on assessing AG's effectiveness, 
> etc. in such
> like projects would help bolster the credibility of the proposal.
> in fact, should there be a central place where all such citations are 
> located? maybe there
> is and i've missed it.
> thanks,
> -gurcharan

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