[AG-TECH] RAT 4.4.01 problems: AG Toolkit 3.2 beta 1 on OSX 10.6.2 (Snow Leopard)

Chems Touati chems at sci.utah.edu
Wed Jan 6 13:03:39 CST 2010


I've been trying to get AccessGrid Toolkit 3.2 beta 1 working on OSX  
10.6.2 and write a short tutorial on the steps necessary to fix the  
issues with the application that is installed by default.  I've been  
able to get the vic patch to work,  but I cannot get rat 4.4.01 to  
function.  In the RAT preferences, it always reverts to "No Audio  
Device" instead of "Default OSX Audio Device".

Can anyone share ideas or point me to notes that can help troubleshoot  
this?  Thanks.


How to Install AG Toolkit 3.2 beta 1 on OSX 10.6.2 (Snow Leopard)
-Download AGtoolkit (OSX 10.5, Intel, Python 2.5):

After installing Intel AG 3.2 beta 1, download the following patch:

Then on the command-line:
   cd /Applications
   sudo patch -p0 < ~/Downloads/AG-3.2-beta-patch.txt

The assumes the patch file was downloaded to the Downloads folder in  
your Home directory (i.e ~/Downloads),
change appropriately if downloaded elsewhere.

The patch replaces the existing shebang first line with #!/usr/bin/ 
python2.5 and python2 with pythonw2.5 in a number of files.  The  
Access Grid Toolkit will now launch successfully, but the VIC that  
comes with AG 3.2 beta doesn't seem to work.

-Launch AG Toolkit
-Launch Venue Client
-Enter the relevant Profile Information
-Join Default ANL Lobby by clicking "GO"
-Quit AG Client and AG Toolkit

Download a newer vic built on Snow Leopard from:

Then on the command-line:
   cd /Users/<username>/.AccessGrid3/local_services/VideoService

Then move the new vic to that folder:
   mv /Users/<username>/Downloads/vic /Users/<username>/.AccessGrid3/ 

Change the permissions of the new vic to 755:
  chmod 755 vic


Chems Touati
Producer and Motion Graphics Designer
Visual Supercomputing Center
chems at sci.utah.edu

SCI Institute, University of Utah

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