[AG-TECH] Any known issues with pywintypes24.dll being flagged as a trojan

Marty Hoag marty.hoag at ndsu.edu
Tue Feb 23 14:12:04 CST 2010

    Ok, this may have been a false positive because
pywintypes24.dll was no longer being detected after
the weekend (I think there was a generic.gi update
in the 5899 DAT issued on 02/21/10).


Marty Hoag wrote:
>    I am not active in the AG community any more but I
> had a python module flagged as a trojan today. Since
> the AG software uses python I wondered if anyone had
> seen this and/or if it might be a false positive.
>    I'm running Windows XP SP3 with current fixes (including
> the February updates). We use McAfee VirusScan Enterprise
> and AntiSpyware enterprise 8.7i and I have today's DAT
> (signatures), 5897.
>    I have AG 3.1 software for windows. What is happening
> is that C:\Windows\System32\pywintypes24.dll
> is getting flagged as "Generic.gi" (Trojan), new in this DAT,
> and deleted. On my backup I can see it is dated 9/22/2006 for
> what that is worth. ;-)
>    The AG 3.1 software will not start without the missing
> module.
>    If you have suggestions please let me know. Thank you!
>    Marty Hoag

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