[AG-TECH] Can I Create Secure Venues?

Jesus Cea Oliva jesus.cea at uca.es
Mon Feb 15 11:34:13 CST 2010

Hello list,

First of all, thanks for the good work :-) and sorry for my english if it's too bad, i'm spanish and my english it's bad. 

We're students of University of Cadiz (Spain) where have installed an Access Grid Node. We have a project about Access Grid and there are many objectives, but the most important objectives are:

- Document best possible in our language how install, configure and optimize an Access Grid client and/or Server on Windows/Linux/Mac, explaining how add services, share applications and documents, etc.

- Develop many applications to integrate in Acces Grid for education and Scientist purposes.

About configuration and optimization of Access Grid, We wonder if sure rooms can be created. I mean, I create, for example, three Venues, one free for all participants of the venue, other only for students, and, the last, only for teachers (for personal meetings for example). I suposse that is important that Venue requires a loggin and password for access. Is this possible?

I saw the Venue Manager tool, where there is a Security tab and I can to create Roles, participants and enable or disable actions for this roles or participants. But I dont know how can I create a Role and stablish when a user enter in a Venue, the system knows which Role has assigned.

I would like, if its possible, see a "miniguide" or a simply "how-to" about restrict the access of a Venue for a concrete participants.

PD: I've seen too on Venue Manager tool, that its possible require a certificate for all participants... but, anyone can request a certificate with the Certificate Manager tool, and access to the Venue.

Thank you for your time. I apologize for the inconvenience.


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