[AG-TECH] Entering into venue via external app

krishna chandu krishna.chandu at iiitb.net
Sun Apr 25 22:27:22 CDT 2010


Could any please help me solve this problem:

I am using external app (attached as screen shot) to connect user to the ag
server and enter into the venue. I was successful in registering into the
server on clicking *Ok* in my app (as I could see my name in the server
along with time check), but I could not enter into the Venue automatically.
When I manually click *Go* in the venue client, I could see my name twice -
one because of my app event *Ok* and the other due to the event *Go* in the
venue client. On the other hand, when I click *Exit* in my app I could exit
from the venue successfully (I could no longer see my name in that venue on
this event and also removed from the server). My requirement is to enter
into the venue and could see myself as participant in venue client and see
other existing participants, when I click *Ok* in my app. Could anyone
please help me resolve this issue and point what part I am missing. Thanks
for your support.

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