[AG-TECH] MJPEG robotic cameras and AG

Andrew Rowley Andrew.Rowley at manchester.ac.uk
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In theory, vic support MJPEG, so sending these to a venue could work.  However, I don't think that MJPEG is very well defined, and I have seen different implementations that are not entirely compatible with each other.  

One other option then is to stream the MJPEG to a PC where it can be decoded and re-encoded as H.261/H.261AS/H.264 for sending to the AG.  We had a student do something like this for a Sony Aibo Dog, which worked well (although the camera quality in this case was bad).

Andrew :)


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> hi,
> has anyone perhaps looked into how network cameras sending mjpeg might be
> integrated into AG?  we have one mjpeg installation in a hospital OR and
> are planning on setting up another 3 such spaces in some hospital
> laboratories.  the planned installations could be set up outside the
> hospital firewall.  it would be very cool if we could use AG, too, with
> these.
> thanks much,
> --fred
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