[AG-TECH] Extended Video Services and VLC

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Dear Gurcharan,

Yes, you can simply modify ExtendedVideoProducerService for on-demand
content streaming. If one wants to deliver a video file on local host, one
can change the executable parameters of VLC and put specific items such
as the file name in ExtendedVideoProducerService. (refer to VLC command line
interface: http://www.videolan.org/doc/vlc-user-guide/en/index.html)

I believe that this is a good way for providing cumstomizable video producer

I additionally explain the way of session announcement of
ExtendedVideo{Producer, Consumer}Services for live streaming in PS #1. If
you need this, please refer to it.

Best regards,

PS #1) To announce video stream (to be used in a Venue),
ExtendedVideoProducerService uses a combination of SDP (session description
protocol) and SAP (session announcement protocol). SDP message specify a
multicast address for video delivery (to be assigned by a Venue) and a video
fromat (e.g. DV or HDV). As parsing the SDP message,
ExtendedVideoConsumerService understands the characteristics of the stream,
which include the multicast address for video delivery and the video format.

2009/5/30 Gurcharan S. Khanna <gurcharan.khanna at rit.edu>

> hi,
> i know that the AGDV extendedvideoservice can listen to a multicast stream
> expecting a HDV format and that the producer generates such a stream.
> i was wondering if the producer service could instead call for an rtsp
> stream for a video
> on demand file to be sent to the venue. is this doable in the current code?
> or are there better ways to inject streaming video into a Venue?
> thanks,
> -gurcharan
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