[AG-TECH] Cameras used for vic HDMI version 1.1 beta

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Thank you for your reply.  So hdvic doesn't necessary require an HDMI
input?  I could use either HDMI or HD-SDI i.e. the BlackMagic DeckLink
HD Pro or DeckLink HD Extreme? 


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Note that the more expensive model of the BlackMagic card does have an 
SDI input
if i'm not mistaken.

We have used a video scaler box to take the VGA out of a laptop and feed

it into the
BlackMagic card so the HDvic could be used to transmit the presenter's 
desktop. that
worked well for up to about 20 fps or less.



Tran, Quang V. wrote:
> I have a Sony EVIHD1 with HD-SDI out.  Would the hdvic work if I use a

> converter like the Aja Hi5 to convert HD-SDI to HDMI and feed it to 
> the BlackMagic Intensity Pro card?  Have anyone tried this?
> Thanks in advance,
> Quang Tran
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> Hi John
> I'm using a SONY HDR-SR12E camera.
> I've tested it  at 1080i and its fine.
> I'm also using the Intensity Pro capture card.
> The new vic again works fine around Cardiff but having trouble getting

> the feeds out to the states. Even though normal Multicast feeds get 
> through with no problems.
> I cannot see Jimmy's feeds but others can (Not in UK though)
> We are currently trying to find out where the feed gets dropped.
> Mike
> Quoting "John I. Quebedeaux, Jr" <johnq at lsu.edu>:
> > So forgive me,
> >
> > I've been watching these threads with interest and it hasn't been 
> clear to
> > me what HDMI cameras folks might be using (if they are using them) -

> I do
> > know someone mentioned the Sony EVI-HD1, which I already have (whoot

> - I'm
> > fine there, but..)... but I'm considering trying also an HDMI camera
> > greater portability that I could purchase.
> >
> > Could folks chime in on what cameras they're successful with on the
> > aspect of this?
> >
> > Thanks, sorry I've been quiet...
> >
> > John Q.
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