[AG-TECH] Video capture card Advice request

Khanh ly khanhly at wasp.uwa.edu.au
Fri May 8 01:48:27 CDT 2009

Hello All,

We are looking to replace the 4-cameras inputs IEI-IVC 200 cards.
They are running well on the windows XP machine. However, they gave  
poor quality on the Fedora 10 system. Even worse, we must configure  
the video to transmit PAL signal (using H.261) every time we start  
Access Grid.

Could you recommend us the video capture card for using with Access  
Grid 3.1 with specs:

1. Fedora 10 (preferred 32 bits) and drivers

2. PCI bus preferred

3. Australia Standard PAL-G supported

4. HD resolution is not required yet due to budget limit.

5. Four cameras inputs

Thanks for your help




Cawley, WA Australia

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