[AG-TECH] Making new vic packages?

Andrew Ford acf0659 at rit.edu
Wed May 6 13:21:09 CDT 2009


Would it be possible to make new VideoConsumer- & ProducerH264 packages out
of the latest code from the mpeg4 branch of vic? The newest version fixes a
bug with using DV cameras, and since we have a few affiliated remote sites
that only have DV cameras and no capture hardware, we'd like to make it
easier for them by re-integrating it back into AG proper rather than having
to launch the newest vic from the command line and do the config manually.

Also, how hard would it be to make a VideoServiceH264? It would make dealing
with unicast easier, since sometimes when using a bridge far end videos will
only show up (muted) in a producer copy of vic rather than in the consumer.

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