[AG-TECH] BlackMagic DeckLink HD Extreme RGBS input

Andrew Ford acf0659 at rit.edu
Tue May 5 15:56:12 CDT 2009

Hi Fred,

No, the Blackmagic cards only support a couple resolutions per input
(standard def for analog and 720p/1080i for HDMI/HDSDI), so what we do is
take VGA out from a laptop, send it to a VGA-HDMI scaler (this one:
then the HDMI output from that into an Intensity Pro for use with the HD
vic. That particular scaler has worked with every resolution we've thrown at
it; the only downsides are that the VGA passthrough doesn't always work on
our HDTVs with all resolutions (but theoretically we could just split the
HDMI out, which does always work), and it doesn't automatically preserve
aspect ratio (but you can manually switch it between 4:3 and 16:9).


2009/5/5 Fred Dech <fdech at uchicago.edu>

> after looking at the specs more closely, i note that the component is
> how about,  laptop DVI out, convert to SDI, SDI into capture card?
> i'm starting to believe, though, that this card does not support
> multi-resolution input, and may not support capturing SVGA, XGA, etc.
> thanks,
> --fred
> On Tue, May 05, 2009 at 01:36PM, Fred Dech wrote:
> > hi.
> >
> > has anyone successfully used this card to capture, say, analog
> > laptop video out and stuff it into a VideoProducerService as h261as?
> >
> > thanks,
> >
> > --fred
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