[AG-TECH] Inconsistent start up error - FC 10 and AGTK 3.x

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Fri Mar 27 03:05:51 CDT 2009

New AccessGrid-3.1 RPM has been released for Fedora 9 & 10 and
RHEL/CentOS 5 which fixes the dbus/Avahi intermittent crashing issue
when starting up the  VenueClient.


It took a little longer than expected to release as I needed to work out
some issues killing the /usr/bin/avahi-publish-service processes that
get forked from the VenueClient.





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Hi Khanh,


The main issue with the workaround is that if you want to do any node
services configuration (i.e. Tools menu -> "Configure node
services..."), it won't automatically discover the service URLs.


The new RPM is just going to have a modified version of
ServiceDiscovery.py which invokes /usr/bin/avahi-publish-service instead
of using Avahi Python routines to publish services.


Unless you will be doing any node services configuration, you won't
notice a difference with the new RPM.






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Hi Doug,


Thanks for your workaround solution. It worked and save me some headache
in troubleshooting AG :-).


Yes. Our CPU is a quad core Intel E5420.

We will do more intensive test this week. However, I wonder should I use
your workaround or update to the promised new AG RPM later.

I also thanks Andrew for a troubleshooting of the multicast network
suggestion which we are likely to use if we encounter other problems.






	Hi Khanh,

	We set up a single user node with the following configuration:


	FC 10 and AGTK 3.x, Multicast network


	We have inconsistent and random errors whenever we start AG.

		after two or three times failed to start then we can
start AG client

		successfully. We can enter Asia Pacific venue, and the
audio and video

		seem OK for more than two hours.

	The intermittent startup Python segmentation issue is related to
	'dbus' multi-threading bug, some machines are more prone to it
	others (e.g quad core CPUs seem to be more prone to it than dual
	cores). I will be releasing a new AccessGrid RPM which uses an
	external single threaded program for the Avahi/dbus stuff and
	should be more stable.
	If you want a workaround now, disable Avahi/dbus support in the
	VenueClient by editing:
	and change:
	   import avahi
	   haveAvahi = True
	   #import avahi
	   #haveAvahi = True
	   haveAvahi = False


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