[AG-TECH] Recording and converting AG sessions problem

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We are coming to the end of the CREW (Collaborative Research Events on the Web) project (i.e. in the next week we will be finished):

This project, when finished, will allow you to make recordings of Access Grid (and non-AG) presentations, and then will display them on the web via a flash user interface.

We currently have a demonstrator running at:

There are some recordings in there, although the project is not just about recordings, so there are quite a few sessions without them.  As a hint to finding them, we only recorded during 2008 so far...

Andrew :)


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Colleagues (Sorry for any cross postings)

I am hoping that someone out there might have a solution to a problem I

Okay, background history.  We have recently been having a number of
lectures/tutorials over the Access Grid that requires recording and
"reproducing" for external/distance students.

Anyway, I thought I had the perfect solution.  

Dedicated AG recording machine: Dell T3400, Windows XP, 2-4 gig of
memory, Large HD, etc.  In which I would use this dedicated AG recording
machine in conjunction with a screen capturing program (Camtasia) [which
has the ability to recorded the desktop, input/output audio and can
output as many types of formats (including WMV, MOV, MPE, etc)].  I
would layout the various video streams and presentation material, ensure
audio is working and then hit record!

After some initial testing, 20 minutes of recording, etc.  Everything
appeared to work extremely well, but the problem I am having is that the
sessions I wish to record run for 2 - 3 hours.  I have tried a number of
different audio setting, to which "random" static for 20 or minutes,
audio gaps and other related sound issues are somehow added to the

Note: I can recording the Session fine with AGVCR.  This has been good
as I can retry the recording at a later time using different settings!

Therefore, my questions to the AG community is this, has anyone tried
anything similar to this and found a working solution.  I really would
like to hear from you.

Many regards,

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