[AG-TECH] VideoConsumerService not working after reinstall

Don McLane dmclane at u.washington.edu
Fri Mar 20 17:00:39 CDT 2009

Thanks!  Yes rebooting work, but only on one of the two machines.

More trial and error ... Wait, on the other machine I started with 3.2 
beta.  The local user's copy VideoConsumerService.py was different.  So 
I deleted C:/Documents and Settings/xxxxxx/Application 
Data/AccessGrid3/local_services.  When I restart AccessGrid 
local_services is recreated.  Now it's working!


John I. Quebedeaux, Jr wrote:
> Don,
> Uninstall, reboot, install, possible reboot (if not ok, but usually fine
> now) and see how it goes...
> Possibly some hung python processes (happens even on the Mac!)... If you
> haven't rebooted.
> -John Q.

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