[AG-TECH] VideoConsumerService not working after reinstall

George Estes gestes at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Mar 20 13:37:29 CDT 2009


  I've encountered two situations where add service failed, I'm sure there must be more but, when the Service Manager host name, the host name in the Access Grid Node Management window, does not resolve to the correct IP address and I've also had it fail when there are extra, conflicting, python processes running in the background. In some cases Configure Node Services would not open at all and other times Configure Node Services would open but Add Service would fail.  I have had success with changing the Service Manager host name to an IP address, when Configure Node Services would open, and of course ending all python processes, or rebooting will fix the second issue.  


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Subject: [AG-TECH] VideoConsumerService not working after reinstall

If I unstall then reinstall AG 3.1 in XP, suddenly VideoConsumerService 
refuses to start.  A message box appears saying "Add Service failed: 
VideoConsumerService."  It was working before the uninstall/reinstall (I 
did that to add some optional services).  I did this on two machines 
(idiot that I am, now nothing works).  Has anyone run else run across 
this?  Any suggestions?


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