[AG-TECH] New HD-Vic 1.1 Beta trouble shooting.

John I. Quebedeaux, Jr johnq at lsu.edu
Fri Mar 6 12:45:18 CST 2009

Jimmy, I was able to multicast with Mike Daley earlier just fine. Something
must be dropping (rockies?) your sources, etc. closer to you I think.

I¹m not able to get your multicast source on that address
( with that vic. I would have to say the problem is in
the U.S., at least for you, because Mike and I had no problems and I just

Multicast between LSU and NCSA, no problem
Multicast between LSU and westgrid, no problem
Multicast between LSU and APAG, no problem
ARSC, no problem...
Kisti.. No problem...

You have a bridge by chance?

(easy to test this way, setup a multicast source on one machine A, then take
another machine B and bridge out to people¹s bridges with machine B and see
when it breaks, it¹s a rough guide, but it¹s easy to do in fact, you can see
when there are one-way issues this way and which it is).. If you add a
source on the machine B, you get to test it both ways. Be sure to test
locally if you can so you know your sources are working on both first...
Then.. Bridge out. ;-)

So to test multicast to me, setup multicast sources on A, do bridging on B
and hit LSU¹s bridge with the B one. See if you see yourself and your
multicast sources. If not... No multicast somewhere between us, work yourway
backwards through the other USA bridges closer to you... Helps if you know
the networks, I¹m not so good at that. This is the other way to vaguely

A real network person would do mtraces and stuff (I can¹t mtrace from inside
my campus, but could do it on other external routers, I just keep forgetting
the commands the few times I¹ve done it).

-John Q.

John I. Quebedeaux, Jr.; Louisiana State University
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From: Jimmy Miklavcic <jimmy.miklavcic at utah.edu>
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 11:13:03 -0700
To: "ag-tech at mcs.anl.gov" <ag-tech at mcs.anl.gov>
Subject: [AG-TECH] New HD-Vic 1.1 Beta trouble shooting.

If someone could download and install the beta version of HITLab's HD vic
1.1 and then connect to (Cardiff Venue at Manchester's
VS) it would help troubleshoot why Cardiff and Utah is unable to see each
other's stream. We each know that within our perspective countries, the
feeds are viewable but for some reason, it's not getting across the
Atlantic. I don't think that it's passing through the Bermuda Triangle. The
HIT Lab in NZ was able to see it earlier.

You can get the new beta vic at

Thanks in advance.
Jimmy Miklavcic 
Multimedia Specialist
Jimmy.Miklavcic at utah.edu <mailto:Jimmy.Miklavcic at utah.edu>

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