[AG-TECH] Inconsistent start up error - FC 10 and AGTK 3.x

Khanh ly khanhly at wasp.uwa.edu.au
Wed Mar 4 00:59:47 CST 2009

Hi Dough,

Thanks for your workaround solution. It worked and save me some  
headache in troubleshooting AG :-).

Yes. Our CPU is a quad core Intel E5420.

We will do more intensive test this week. However, I wonder should I  
use your workaround or update to the promised new AG RPM later.

I also thanks Andrew for a troubleshooting of the multicast network  
suggestion which we are likely to use if we encounter other problems.



> Hi Khanh,
>> We set up a single user node with the following configuration:
>> FC 10 and AGTK 3.x, Multicast network
>> We have inconsistent and random errors whenever we start AG. However,
>> after two or three times failed to start then we can start AG client
>> successfully. We can enter Asia Pacific venue, and the audio and  
>> video
>> seem OK for more than two hours.
> The intermittent startup Python segmentation issue is related to a
> 'dbus' multi-threading bug, some machines are more prone to it than
> others (e.g quad core CPUs seem to be more prone to it than dual
> cores). I will be releasing a new AccessGrid RPM this week which uses
> an external single threaded program for the Avahi/dbus stuff and
> should be more stable.
> If you want a workaround now, disable Avahi/dbus support in the
> VenueClient by editing:
> /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/AccessGrid3/AccessGrid/ 
> ServiceDiscovery.py
> and change:
>    import avahi
>    haveAvahi = True
> to:
>    #import avahi
>    #haveAvahi = True
>    haveAvahi = False
> Cheers,
> Doug

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