[AG-TECH] Strange Audio input problem

Alex Nemeth amn1 at cornell.edu
Thu Jul 23 15:36:17 CDT 2009

We're running AG 3.1 on an XP ( SP3 ) box.   Since this is integrated 
into a room based system we're using the "line in" for the microphone 

While troubleshooting the  microphone input problem during 
configuration, it was determined that the XP system record control panel 
needed to be set at "Line In" instead of "microphone".   Once making 
this switch we had microphone audio ( as displayed by the RAT panel )  

The problem is that whenever we activate AG it switches the XP control 
panel back to "Microphone".   I was able to watch this happen.  Then 
when we switched the control panel back to "line In" then we would get 
intermittent microphone audio.

Since we're new at AG, is there a configuration in the RAT that I may 
have missed?   I believe that the RAT is version 4.4



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