[AG-TECH] Unpopulated Bridge List

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Wed Jul 22 18:51:18 CDT 2009

G'day John

Are you behind an Authentication Proxy?

A work around that might be useful to you is
http://www.accessgrid.org/node/1086, as is provides a work around when
experiencing problems connecting to the unicast registry peer, thereby
having the problem of having no unicast bridges listed.

Hope this helps.



From: John Brewer [mailto:John.Brewer at PP.NETL.DOE.GOV] 
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Subject: [AG-TECH] Unpopulated Bridge List




I am having issues with obtaining bridges in the Venue Client.  When I
load the Venue Client, my bridge list is empty and remains such after
searching for additional bridges.  Has anyone encountered this issue


Thanks for any help that can be offered.





John Brewer


US DoE National Energy Technology Laboratory 

Ph: 304-285-4858

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