[AG-TECH] Local Feeds inconsistently broadcasting

Horwich, A (Adam) adam.horwich at stfc.ac.uk
Mon Jul 20 04:58:03 CDT 2009



We've been having some problems of late with our Access Grid setup,
whereby an arbitrary number of our 4 local video feeds will appear to
initialise in their VIC windows upon connecting to a Virtual Venue.
Disabling then re-enabling the video producers will have an inconsistent
effect, either causing no change, one or more feeds to appear, or feeds
which had appeared before to disappear. It can be upwards of 10
refreshes before all cameras finally appear to be broadcasting. We're
using a Winnov Videum 4400 VO card, running AG 3.1 on Windows XP.


I'm suspecting it to be a driver issue somewhere, or a VIC configuration
thing, as the proprietary Winnov software has no problem viewing the
camera feeds being sent to it. I'm running the latest drivers available
and have found a different set of problems using the VFW drivers over
directshow (which this behaviour manifests with). Has anyone else
experienced this kind of behaviour, or have insight on what I may be
able to do to resolve it? I've uninstalled and redetected the card many
times and even swapped it out for a spare we had.




Adam Horwich


Access Grid and User Support 

R89 F02
e-Science Centre 
Science and Technology Facilities Council 
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory 
Didcot. OX11 0QX 
Tel: 01235 778332
email: adam.horwich at stfc.ac.uk 


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