[AG-TECH] sending dv/hdv via accessgrid all in one

muhammad akl muhammad.akl at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 06:55:15 CDT 2009


I've just installed the recent all in one accessgrid package on windows xp ,
the installation process went fine ,
and i've added the extended video services during the installation as I want
to start sedning dv/hdv video via firewire cameras ,
after i've joined the lobby , i've configured the
ExtendedVideoProducerService , and I can see my video fine via the DVTS
program ,
but the problem that i'm unable to receive it via
ExtendedVideoConsumerService ,I've tried several times to enable and disable
the service with no luck

Anyone had a previous experience on how to get dv/hdv video on windows xp
using this all in one (which includes the DVTS ) ?

also anyone tried the enhanced vic that was made by vislab team (chris
willing ) on windows xp and successed to integrate it with accessgrid ?
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