[AG-TECH] AG Trademark or Copyright - What to cite in a grant proposal

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Apr 29 13:37:40 CDT 2009


What a great use of the AG. If you have a write-up about this, we would 
like to have a copy for reference. Even better would be to link from 
accessgrid.org to online content about this work, if you have any 

The grant proposal can cite the following chapter from "The Grid" book:

Rick Stevens and the Futures Lab Group, “Group-Oriented Collaboration: 
The Access Grid Collaboration System,” The Grid 2: Blueprint for a New 
Computing Infrastructure, I. Foster and C. Kesselman, eds., Morgan 
Kaufmann, 2004, pp. 191-199.

Access Grid is a registered trademark of the University of Chicago.

If you need anything else, let me know.


On 4/26/09 10:02 AM, Jeremy Mann wrote:
> I've been helping the Pediatrics department use AccessGrid as an
> interviewing and diagnoses tool. We have a Dell Netbook set up with
> AT&T 3G and AG 3.1 that we ship to the patient. The patient turns it
> on, AG loads and connects to our server. It has performed considerably
> well over 3G. We settled on this solution because the majority of the
> patients are in rural areas of the country.
> Now I received a request this morning for a grant proposal utilizing
> this solution for more researchers.
> What should we cite in our grant proposal and is the AccessGrid
> trademarked or copyrighted?

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