[AG-TECH] Question on transforming a wxpython application into an ACCESS GRID shared application

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Apr 29 12:52:11 CDT 2009


Fortunately, since your app is built with Python, it's the most natural 
fit for integration as an AG shared app.  (Integration of a non-Python 
app is somewhat more complicated.)

To support the shared aspects of the application, the AG basically provides:

- server-side key-value storage
- server-mediated event distribution
- venue data storage
- a SharedAppClient class that provides access to these facilities

Some developer documentation exists online here:


Of more interest to you would be the examples in the tutorial:


particularly the Shared Image Viewer example, since it uses all of these 
facilities, and is a relatively simple app.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask; I think it 
would be very interesting to see your app enabled for sharing. If you 
notice shortcomings in the developer documentation (which I suspect you 
will), please don't hesitate to report them.


On 4/29/09 11:42 AM, west suhanic wrote:
> Hello All:
> I have a full-up wxpython application for capturing microscopic 
> images. It provides
> complete control over the camera capturing the images. An interesting 
> scenario would be
> to allow someone in Toronto or Cape Town to control a microscope in 
> say Maputo or Houston. My
> question is how much extra work would be involved in  converting my 
> wxpython app into an
> ACCESS GRID capable share-able application? Any and all thoughts are 
> appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> West Suhanic

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