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Thank you very much for your input.  For a follow-up question, what cameras are you using?  I am considering the Sony EVI-HD1 but I haven't heard of anyone else using them.  Plus since they don't have HDMI I would need to get something from the DeckLink line or a different manufacturer for the HD-SDI input but I am not sure if VIC will support that.
I just don't want to tell them to spend $20k on cameras and capture cards just to find that they won't work, and we all know how fun an exchange is through a University system.
Thank you again for your input.


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Derek, I recently built a new AG System with two Core Duo Quad systems. I have three Blackmagic Intensity Pro cards in the capture machine and a display machine with two Nvidia 9800XT graphics cards. I tried putting a fourth Intensity pro card in the display machine but it was a bit much. 
On the capture system, we used the H.264 codec at 720/30p and with three vics, the system was running above 75% across all four processors. The display machine, in our case, decoding around 15 incoming streams, all using H.264 or Mpeg-4, was running around 25% across all four CPUs. We did run audio on a third machine, 48KHz, stereo. But I don't see any reason for not running rat on your display machine. 
We also discovered the the H.264 consumer service also pick up all the streams but we just ran the HDMI-Vic manually. We did nothing special with the venue server.
Good luck. If you want to test your system with mine, let me know.
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	For those of you who are or have used the HDMI VIC on Windows, could you please provide your capture hardware, system specs and the resource usage to both capture and display?  


	What I am really getting down to is will a system be able to support three HD cameras for capture and up to 9 HD streams to display?  My plan is to use 2 workstations each with 2 QC Intel Xeon processors, one for capture and the other for display and sound.


	Finally, do we need to make any special considerations as far as our Venue Server to support these streams?


	Any information that can be provided is greatly appreciated.


	Thank you,


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