[AG-TECH] DVTS demo Fri 3:30 Eastern Time

Gurcharan S. Khanna gurcharan.khanna at rit.edu
Thu Apr 9 14:24:36 CDT 2009


i will be conducting a demo using DVTS inside of Access Grid tomorrow for a
Deaf/HoH faculty here plus other deaf/hoh users. the goal is partly to 
show several
high quality videos from a single location where each person can be 
clearly seen,
especially close-up, using sign language.

the other part is showing connecting many sites with the same high 
quality videos.
so, we will be simulating 4 users in one room on campus viewing 5 users 
in another
room on campus using DVTS in AG.

if anyone from a remote site would like to drop to demonstrate the 
remote viewing
quality using DVTS please do so!

since we're using AG, we will be using RAT for audio.

question: DVTS users: what do you usually do for audio in a multiway 
are there ways to split off the DV audio stream and feed it to another 
how does echo cancelling work with DV cameras as sources????

thanks for your feedback,


PS this demo will held primarily in the RIT Venue of the ANL Venue 
Server. -gsk

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