[AG-TECH] VenueClient crashes

muhammad akl muhammad.akl at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 08:14:33 CDT 2008

Hi Christoph ,

Thanks alot for your relpy , about the root login I was just testing AG on
personal computer not in a production environment , but sure you are
completely right .

the second problem now I'm facing is caputring video from my digital camera
, now I'm using debian lenny instead of ubuntu and all things are fine and
could get the video from my sony camera but the picture is exteremely
strange here is a screenshot :


Although I can capture video from the same camera using kino but with the
old kernel module (raw1394)

So any Suggestions Christoph  ?

And for the SimpleHDvidoeservice , it didn't work for me the service that
worked here DVideoservice my camera model is :

Sony DCR-TRV285E

p.s : will the new kernel stack that supports firewire be better the current
one ?


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