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*** Apologies for Cross-posting: http://manchester.siggraph.org/ ***

James Paterson, Integrative Vertebrate Biology, Faculty of Life Sciences The evolution of an imaging system: Photographing weird objects for fun and profit! Friday 17th October 2008, 2-3pm Room 1.10, Kilburn Building The University of Manchester

Dr James Paterson, Chief Technology Officer of Eykona Technologies Ltd and formerly Oxford University Robotics Dept, will talk about his research into 3D imaging and how it both led to, and was led by, the spinning out of Eykona from the University. James will show how continual themes of camera localization and photometric / geometric reconstruction run throughout this work and will talk about the transition from research lab to commercial entity. A selection of 3D imaging systems will be presented including work on imaging chronic wounds, textures for video games, Mayan temples, fossils, antique coins and other cultural artefacts. James will also attempt a live demo with Eykona' s latest prototype system!

Part of the Access Grid enabled ACM University of Manchester Professional SIGGRAPH Chapter Seminar Series: http://manchester.siggraph.org/ 

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