[AG-TECH] Problem with VenueServer (AGTk 3.1)

William Alberto Romero Ramirez wil-rome at uniandes.edu.co
Tue Mar 25 12:18:46 CDT 2008

Hi to everybody,

I updated my AG server to 3.1 and now the clients are unable to connect.

I have already checked network config and I have no problem with firewall or ports. Network analyzer (Ethereal) shows incoming traffic to port 8000. I have the service certificate to run the server (not valid after 03/18/2009).

When a client(3.0.2 or 3.1) tries to connect to the server the following error is reported:

'Error entering venue - conection refused'

I'm watching the VenueServer.log and no problems are reported.

- How do I track for any error information ?
- Do I Have to fix something on the server ?
- Some idea about that ?

William A. Romero R.

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