[AG-TECH] AG Internationalization

Tom Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Jun 26 11:05:14 CDT 2008

One issue that came up at last month's AG Retreat was that of internationalization.  In some ways (for example, chat), we support it, but we generally do not (for example, the VenueClient menus).  I'm curious to know how useful people consider this, so a question for the non-English-speaking AG community:

- How much of an increase in Access Grid usage do you think you'd see in your region if there was a native language version of the Venue Client?

- Would you be willing to commit a small amount of time to translating the user interface into your native language?

Please don't hesitate to answer. If the response is sufficient, I'll pool resources to make this happen.


Tom Uram

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