[AG-TECH] Kicked out of venue?

Matthew Leszczenski mxl9499 at rit.edu
Tue Jun 3 11:25:33 CDT 2008

Hello all,


                My apologies if I am restating a question that has already
been in existence, but I could not find any reference to an error like this
in the mailing lists or documentation online. My problem is as follows, at
irregular intervals(so far) I have noticed that the nodes here at RIT are
kicked out of the venue, it can sometime be a matter of a day or two, or
they sometimes work for months with no problem. I have not seen any error
logs generated from this, and I have never actually witnessed any of the
nodes getting kicked out. However the services associated with AG, such as
vic and rat and dvts, continue to run despite not being connected to the
venue anymore. Has anyone else noticed this happening?


Matthew Leszczenski

 - Technical Assistant and Eagle Scout

 - Undergraduate NSSA Major @ RIT

 - Collaboration Technology Developer @ RIT Research Computing department


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