[AG-TECH] Issues with a new AG 3.1 installation.

Miguel Sáez msaez at cesga.es
Mon Jun 2 04:09:20 CDT 2008

Hello again! ,

Seems i got it!!, after trying a lot of ways i got a working solution or 
at least for the moment.

Just installed AG 3.1 manually + the H.264 plugin (i were using the easy 
installer before), first i were able to get the window with the 
resources up but only shows two devices and one of them is only 1 of the 
4 capturers (CAP01AA0.jpg). But well, here we go; first i only add one 
video h264 producer ('Conexant's BtPCI Capture'), i get my vic.exe 
launched in the video computer and i start receiving video on my display 
computer, fine. Then i add a second h264 video producer, vic gets 
launched again but this time i can choose another capturer device in the 
vic options (vic detects the 4 video capturers and the 'WDM Image 
Capture (Win32)') and vic doesn't crash if i change it there as it used 
to crash before. Then i add the 3th capture and same with the last one.

At this point, everything seems stable, 4 vics running with mpeg4 and 
24fps. My video computer is really loaded, 91%-95% CPU used all the 
time, didn't get any crash or error for 1 hour now and still running as 
i write this.

Conclusions, seems the easy installer got something wrong with the H264 
vic because if i change the device on a launched vic it crashed. As i 
don't get any crash in windows because of the high CPU used, seems Linux 
handles the %CPU used in a different way so maybe i have to change any 
parameter somewhere?.

On the other hand, the proccess to get this to work is really slow and 
hope with the time there is any better solution because if i have to do 
the same process everytime i launch my venue client will take a lot of 
time to get a working session.

And as a side note, everytime a vic.exe is launched on the video 
computer, i'm get an error (CAP025AA.jpg) but well i just accept and 
everything seems right.

Thanks a lot for your time,

Miguel Sáez escribió:
> Hello!,
> I got my Windows XP installed again and i got a lot more info, more or 
> less i know where is the problem but just don't know how to fix it.
> If you check the screenshot 'Devices_installed.jpg' everything is 
> installed correctly.
> 'VideoProducerH264_error.jpg' shows my 'AG Node Manager' and the error 
> i get when i try to add a VideoProducerH264, is my 
> "display" computer and is the 'AG Video computer' with 
> the 4 capturers running the Service Manager.
> I also attach the .logs from the 'AG Video computer', if you check the 
> log 'ServiceManager.log' you can see the next error in there:
> 05/26/08 10:25:30 172 ServiceManager     agservicemanager.py:424 INFO  
> Service failed to register: c1902c55022c36d54a026c396c886e9b
> 05/26/08 10:25:30 172 Hosting     servicecontainer.py:17 ERROR 
> Processing Failure
> exceptions:Exception
> Service failed to become reachable
> And it happens all the time i try to add a VideoProducerServiceH264 , 
> that might be why i get the error in the screenshot 
> 'VideoProducerH264_error.jpg' but just don't know how to fix it.
> If you check the "VideoProducerServiceH264.log' everything is fine, it 
> also gets all my devices without any problem:
> 05/26/08 10:25:30 248 Toolkit     config.py:624 DEBUG wdmscan 
> filelines = ["Conexant's BtPCI Capture,S-Video,Composite\n", 
> "Conexant's BtPCI Capture,S-Video,Composite\n", "Conexant's BtPCI 
> Capture,S-Video,Composite\n", "Conexant's BtPCI 
> Capture,S-Video,Composite\n"]
> 05/26/08 10:25:30 248 Toolkit     config.py:657 INFO  GetResources: 
> {'Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32)': ['external-in'], "Conexant's 
> BtPCI Capture": ['S-Video', 'Composite']}
> Also i want to add that i don't use any firewall at all on any 
> computer, i'm not behind a NAT and my network isn't behind a firewall 
> either.
> Hope all this info helps a bit more so i can find a solution.
> Thanks a lot for the help!
> Sincerely,
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Miguel Ángel Sáez Llorente
Técnico de Comunicacións
Centro de Supercomputación de Galicia (CESGA)
Avenida de Vigo, s/n (Campus Sur)
15705 Santiago de Compostela - ESPAÑA
E-mail:      msaez at cesga.es
Tel:         +34  981 56 98 10 (ext. 246)
Fax:         +34  981 59 46 16
Web:         http://www.cesga.es/

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