[AG-TECH] Python verson coexistence on 64 bit Windows?

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Thu Jan 10 21:04:52 CST 2008

Hi Jon,

> I installed AG 3.1 a couple of days ago on my desktop machine
> and it seems to work fine: WinXP Pro x64. Of course, AG
> requires a 32 bit version of Python 2.4.
> I then installed an update to Tecplot which installed a 64 bit
> version of python 2.5. My AG was broken because the environment
> variable PYTHONHOME had its value changed from C:\Python24\
> to C:\Python25\. When I changed the variable to point to the
> older python AG worked again. Now, manually changing the
> environment variable depending on the software I want to run
> is somewhat inelegant, and I'd like to think that the packages
> are a bit more sophisticated than that. I Googled around and
> Python coexistence on Windows doesn't seem to work, but I'm hoping
> that someone here might have a better experience and be willing
> to share.

You could create a AG.cmd file that sets the env variables locally
before starting the VenueClient, with something like:

@echo off
set PYTHONHOME=C:\Python24
set PYTHON=%PYTHONHOME%\python.exe
set PYTHONW=%PYTHONHOME%\pythonw.exe
start "AG" "%PYTHONW%" "C:\Program

then double click AG.cmd.


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