[AG-TECH] RAT dying

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Jan 7 12:35:30 CST 2008

How does it die?  Does it display an error dialog with a message and an 
error number?  That would be helpful to have.

Which venue are you in?  Does the problem occur in multiple venues?  
Always with the same participant, or with others, too?

If you're able to capture the audio data using a tool like tcpdump or 
ethereal, during the time RAT dies, we may be able to use the captured 
data to reproduce the problem and, therefore, fix it.


On 1/7/08 10:32 AM, Lisa Metz wrote:
> Good morning AGTech!
> Our RAT keeps dying, about every minute and we can't figure out why. 
> We're running 3.0 on Windows XP, through Multicast.
> Our other AG setup works fine across campus so I can't determine where 
> our problem is.
> Can anyone offer some thoughts and troubleshooting tips on this?
> Thanks!
> Lisa

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